“American Horror Story: The Coven” Season 3 Review



*WARNING: spoilers ahead*


It is that time of year again—no, not Halloween: it is time for “American Horror Story” Season 3! The third season of the famed FX series premiered in early October and is already being dubbed the best season of “AHS” yet. This season is called the ‘Coven’ and focuses on the lives of four teenage witches in New Orleans.  While I will always love watching the series, this season has been my least favorite. The element of horror is still present, however, it is becoming a bit too gory for my liking. I enjoy being scared, not grossed out.

Jessica Lange continues to be my favorite character. She never fails to bring an evil demeanor to the show, which makes every episode fun to watch. This season, Lange plays the role of the “Supreme Witch,” the head mistress of all of the witches. She has already killed four people and I am sure that there are more to come. My other favorite, Kathy Bates, is knocking it out of the ballpark with her performance thus far. She is new to the “AHS” cast, but fits in seamlessly. I would say her character, Madame LaLaurie, is the cruelest “AHS” has seen yet. She shows no remorse for her actions and in fact finds pleasure in torture. Her character shocked audiences in the first episode with her torture chamber for African American slaves; I had never heard of someone’s gallbladder getting ripped out of their stomach whilst wearing a decapitated bull’s head, until I watched “American Horror Story”.  That is the other thing about this season, there is no limitation to how far the gore, sex and torture goes. We are only on episode three and already viewers have witnessed necrophilia, incest, bestiality, voodoo and rape. All in the name of good TV, right?

So far, I am really not sure how much I love this season. The whole witch thing sounded good in theory, but it is proving to be somewhat of a corny plot. The school for witches, set in present day, is not doing it for me. I am getting a “Twilight” teen sci-fi vibe from it. Had the season focused more on the Salem Witch trial era, or stuck more with Bates’s character, (set in 1800’s New Orleans), it would be scarier. From what I have seen up to this point, this season is more disturbing than anything else. I would have to say the first season was untouchable. It was unheard of in terms of concept, the scares were believable and all of the actors meshed well together. The second season, “Asylum,” was not too shabby either, although the whole alien thing threw me for a loop. Though I hate to say it, I think season three is trying too hard. A few of the plot lines are so unbelievably perturbing, I am finding it hard to keep the story straight and out of my head at night. While not going into too much detail, the character of Evan Peters has a very graphic and incestuous relationship with his mother. I feel like that storyline is not really needed, rather, it seems to be thrown in to make audiences uncomfortable. Overall, I am going to give this season three out of five stars. The season is fairly premature though, so things could either get better or,much worse. If there is one thing I have learned from this series, it is that anything can happen in “American Horror Story.”


Score: 3/5


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