Coldplay Set to Release First Album Since 2011




It has been awhile since we have seen the band Coldplay dominate the music charts, but Coldplay fans can get excited because the band is releasing a new album this coming May. The last time Coldplay released an album was in the fall of 2011, with “Mylo Xyloto.” This will be the band’s sixth album.

The new album is called “Ghost Stories” and is expected to have nine tracks. The band has been slowly releasing a few tracks from their album. Currently, the band has released two of the nine.

The first track is entitled “Magic,” and the second is “Midnight.” “Magic” features the voice of lead singer, Chris Martin; however, the instrumentals are more techno than we are used to hearing from Coldplay. The song is about falling in love and believing in the magic of love. This song soared to the top of iTunes charts all around the U.S., and just a day after the song was released it was ranked number two on the U.K. iTunes charts. This is promising for the band as there are very high hopes set for the rest of the album.

“Midnight” is Bon Iver in a nutshell. Bon Iver is famous for the song “Skinny Love”; if you are a fan of his you will love the song “Midnight.” “Midnight” is about finding your way in a dark place. Towards the end of the song, it does feature more techno beats, much like the song “Magic” does. The trend could be expected to be a reoccurring theme throughout the rest of their album. This song can be listened to on YouTube, but it has not yet been released to be bought or downloaded on iTunes.

Although Coldplay has not released all of their songs yet, recently the band played all of their tracks from their upcoming album for a private fan viewing in Los Angeles. The footage from the show is reported to be used for upcoming music videos for the band. It was reported that all of the fans selected to see the show left very satisfied, which gives us hope for when the rest of the album is released in May.

I may be a little biased given the fact that Coldplay is one of my favorite bands, but after reviewing the two songs they released I am going to give the album a pre-score of a four out of five stars. Coldplay always seems to pull through with their albums and releases multiple chart topping hits. However, my only skepticism is that I am very unsure about whether or not I like this new techno image that they seem to be portraying. I guess we will have to see when the entirety of the album is released.

If you would like to pre-order the album you can on iTunes, or you can visit Coldplay’s website at to get more information. Be on the lookout for more released tracks from the upcoming album.




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