I like art. You like art. Is the decoration on a pineapple can art? Advertisement. I believe art is everywhere. Symbols and logos, albeit practical, capture some level of beauty. The Nike logo is the best of these.

Art as fashion captures changes in history through culture. Just because some art is practical, and not “fine” like the van Eyck’s, does not mean more artistic inspiration is in one or the other. Is wearing ripped jeans as opposed to clean pressed pants representative of something? I’m interested.

If you want to value a society, listen to its music. Society is drunk with bad lyrics and awful Katy Perry beats. The devolution culminates with Miley Cyrus. She’s the picture of a biblical Devil dude. Thankfully, good music counteracts like medicine. How many times have we seen N’SYNC? New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, One Direction, phht. Wait. What is Paris Hilton famous for? Then again, music is designed to help or express. If ugly Miley Cyrus music helps you navigate the messy complex terrain of life, maybe it’s a styrofoam cup.

I’m excited for baseball season. Go Cubs! Root beer or cream soda? Lasagna or spaghetti? What do you mean?

Life’s too boring. We fill ourselves with the gray of modern life. Let’s push the envelope and ask silly questions at inappropriate times. Let’s look shame in the face unbothered. It’s all absurd anyways.

The next time you’re alone with someone, ask them an intimate question. What’s wrong? They’ll respond, “nothing.” Ask them again and they will tell you everything. This works most of the time, because something is wrong with everyone, always.

Alleviate. There is no app for that.


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