A Mad/Lor Experience




For this issue on SNC Cribs, I decided to interview Tyler Lewis, resident of Madelaine/Lorraine Hall. He lives in one of the more unique rooms in Madelaine—a room at the end of the hall –which gives him a lot more room to work with than other residents of Mad/Lor whose rooms aren’t quite as spacious.


What floor do you live on? Do you like living on that floor or would you rather be somewhere else?

I live on the second floor of Madelaine. I really enjoy living on the floor I’m on because everyone is really relaxed, and most people keep their door open to hang out and socialize.


Are you happy with your dorm choice? Was this your first choice for a residence hall?

Yes, I’m very happy with my dorm choice. It was my first choice as a first-year student, so I’m really happy I got in.


What are the sleeping arrangements in your dorm?

We set up our room to have the two beds lofted on the opposite ends of the room.


Why did you decide to set your room up this way?

We decided to set up our room this way mainly because it offers more sleeping privacy.


Are there any special posters or decorations in your room that you like?

We have a few posters and decorations in our room. My favorite piece of decoration would probably be the picture of my family that I keep on my desk.


How did you get inspiration for your room and the set-up?

The inspirations I got for my room set up mostly came from Scott Suick, who lived in the room two years ago and is actually from my hometown.


What do you like best about your dorm?

What I like best about the room is that we have a sink in our room that makes washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving and everything else a lot easier and convenient. I also like Mad/Lor because they have study rooms in the basement that make studying without any distractions much easier.


Would you consider changing anything to your current room set-up?

The only thing I would change about my room is the location of the sink.


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