Bell Hooks Set to Arrive at SNC




Almost every time the Cassandra Voss Center has been mentioned this year, so has the name of the famous author, bell hooks. This is because the Cassandra Voss Center has designated their founding year as the “year of bell hooks.”

Throughout the year, the Cassandra Voss Center has had programming inspired by hooks’ writing and theories, but this will culminate with hooks herself appearing at St. Norbert College.

Examples of programs that have been included in the year of bell hooks are ones such as “The Will to Change,” which created an open discussion environment for questions such as masculinity and love outside the typical idea of masculinity.

“Trans 101” was a program that educated students about transgender issues.

In another program Dr. George Yancy discussed “The Fear of Black Bodies and the Problem of Whiteness.”

Other programs covered topics such as the Jackie Robinson story and “Writing Beyond Race.”

Hooks’ works encompass all of these issues. In her prolific writings, which include memoirs, poetry and over 30 books, hooks explores the meaning of feminism and how class, race, gender and capitalism contribute to oppression.

The programming for the “year of bell hooks” has set the tone for the Cassandra Voss Center, and they are excited to bring her message to St. Norbert College.

Students and community members are encouraged to attend hooks’ lecture on, Tuesday, April 15, in Walter Theatre from 7:30-9 p.m.

On April 16, hooks will appear at Sacred Hour celebrations at 10 a.m. in Old St. Joseph Church and give an offering. Her visit will end later that evening with one last event starting at 4:15 p.m., with hooks reading her children’s books in the Cassandra Voss Center.

For more information, visit or contact the Cassandra Voss Center at 920-403-1342 or


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