Benefits of Friendship


There’s always that one person, that person you call when your life seems turned upside down or when life is going better than you could imagine. Your best friend has been there through the thick and thin, through the heartbreaks and your greatest accomplishments, through the happy and the sad times. Most people have someone they can call a best friend, but did you know that your best friend is quite the benefit and asset to you?

Of course, most of us seek our best friend when there is something weighing on our hearts or minds. We often treat our best friends as a therapist. Someone to talk our problems out with, someone who you can talk to without being worried about judgmental comments, because often they already know all the scandalous things you’ve done and many of the things you feel. They know exactly how to deal with your issues, whether that be with a sassy remark, a slap on the back or a nice hug.

But it’s not only in the hard times that we need and desire our best friends. We wish to spend the good times with them too. That’s why best friends often make the best dates, travel buddies and someone to tag along to any event. Being single and being invited to a wedding or other event that often “requires” a date can easily be filled by a best friend, which often makes the event more fun. We also want our best friends to be there to celebrate with us; birthdays, graduations and academic accomplishments. They are also guaranteed to be there in the crowd when you have to perform at a school event or concert. You can always count on a friend to be there for you.

Friends are always there to help out with advice too; often that is better than comments from your parents. They are likely to be honest with you when talking about a new fashion trend, your outfit, life decisions and love interests. They are more than likely going to give you their honest opinion, and in the end they will try to do what they think is best for you. Friends often have your best interest at heart, which is reassuring when seeking advice.

Best friends also teach us some very valuable lessons about honesty, loyalty and about ourselves. They help us to develop trust for someone, sometimes coming at the expense of the relationship. They teach us how to keep secrets and how to protect someone’s feelings. They teach us to protect and to care about someone. Friends teach us how to share and how to treat people. They also teach us a lot about ourselves. They might not always agree with you, which is when you can learn more about what you think and learn to accept differences between people.

Everyone needs friends in their life. They make life a lot better. It is always nice to have people to count on when you are feeling down, need a quick date or need some advice. Your best friend will fill your mind with hundreds of memories that bring a smile to your face. It is certainly a possibility to share these characteristics with more than one person too; friends are very beneficial to our lives and our happiness.


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