Celebrity Dirt





  1. Miley Cyrus recently had to cancel several of her shows because of a spout with the stomach flu. Cyrus has yet to personally comment on the flu, but via twitter the star tweeted, “excruciating pain.” This flu comes after the announcement of her beloved dog passing away. Cyrus just can’t catch a break.
  2. After her pregnancy announcement, Mila Kunis has been seen out and about flaunting her baby bump. Kunis and boyfriend Ashton Kutcher plan to tie the knot in the very near future. The couple will be attending the 2014 MTV Music and Video Awards together in a few weeks.
  3. Actress Jennifer Aniston is currently sporting a no make-up look and a huge scar across her face. This look is in honor of filming a new movie with actress and singer, Anna Kendrick. The movie is about dealing with chronic pain.
  4. Simon Cowell recently spoke out on his child and love affair. Cowell claims that he regrets how his love affair started and all the people he hurt and betrayed amidst the affair, but he loves his son and something beautiful came out of it.
  5. John Pinette, a comedian and actor famous for his role on “Seinfeld,” died in a Pittsburgh Hotel. Reps claim that this is a very sad time for Pinette’s family and that the actor died of natural causes. Many fans of Pinette have been paying tribute to the actor.
  6. Kelly Osbourne is going for a new look. The starlet posted a picture to social media displaying her new look. Osbourne shaved off a little part of her hair and dyed her hair a lavender/purple color. Osbourne loves to be bold and to make a statement about her look. What do you think of this new look?
  7. Kelly Osbourne is not the only starlet displaying a new crazy look these days. Katy Perry came to the E! News offices last week sporting lime green hair. What sparked this new look? Perry claimed she wanted something new for spring, something to freshen up her look. We all just hope her hair does not fall out.

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