NC Student Recitals: April 1-April 13




The Senior Vocal Recital of Clara Rose took place on Sunday, April 13 in Dudley Birder Hall. Rose had selected the songs for her recital her junior year before going abroad. She began preparing this past fall, which involved practicing one to two hours every day.

Rose enjoys recitals because they allow students to share their work with everyone. She expressed that her goal in performing is to give something of value to the audience. “If the time I put into this makes someone else happy, then it was all worth it,” said Rose ’14.

Natasha Behnke,’15 and Kelsey Waley,’15 treated audiences to an incredible vocal performance in Dudley Birder Hall on April 14.

In choosing the selections for the night’s performance, Behnke commented that, “All of the pieces are songs that I think are fun to sing and generally tell some sort of story that I either connect with or enjoy telling with my voice.”

One of the highlights and Behnke’s personal favorites was “Monica’s Waltz” from Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera “The Medium.”

In practicing the piece, Behnke stated, “It is an extremely complicated piece because the singer has to represent two different characters and manage to make the story entirely believable. The vocal line itself is also extremely difficult, so not only are the characters hard to master but also the melody itself.”

Behnke also got to play multiple people in singing three versions of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” the characters in question were Romeo, Juliet and Romeo’s servant, Stephano.

In closing, when asked about the most challenging aspect of preparing for the recital, Behnke humorously responded it was walking in high heels because, “I avoided walking in heels all through high school, and in the past two weeks, my life has become the real life version of ‘Princess Diaries,’ only there’s no prospect of marrying Chris Pine at the end.”

Students Cassie Tingo and Kate Farnham performed their Spring Student Recitals April 11 at Dudley Birder Hall. Farnham,‘15 is a vocalist and sang eight pieces during her portion; four of them in a different language. The pieces are “L’esule” by Verdi, “A Te” by Puccini, “Automne” by Massenet, Psyché by Paladhile, “Venetianisches Gondelliet” by Mendelssohn, “Die Bekehrte” by Stange, “Without You” from “My Fair Lady” and “Loch Lomond,” an old traditional Scottish folk song.

Farnham’s favorite piece to perform was “L’esule,” depicting the story of a man who is longing for death to free him from his exile and allow him return to his homeland.

Farnham described the piece as, “very exciting and almost romantic due to the passion the man in the piece has to his homeland.” Her second favorite piece to perform was “Loch Lomond” because her father used to sing it to her every night as a little girl, bringing a lot of meaning to the song.

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