Seniors Showcase Their Best Artwork in Annual Student Show




Every year St. Norbert College senior art major students are required to enroll in a senior capstone class that enables them to work together to produce an art show to showcase their work. This past Friday, April 4, 2014, the first of two senior receptions/opening nights was hosted. The show runs in all three Bush Art Center Galleries and features about four to five pieces from every artist.

Each artist is currently a senior art major and focuses on presenting a variety of different mediums, such as photography, illustration, graphic design, sculpture, mixed media and much more. The current work is on display by seniors Megan Schulz , Ashley Heard, Larry March, Chloe Méhring, Patrick Foley, Tara Lovdahl, Haley Vraney, Julia Muscarello, Kari Braatz, Michael Myren and Zane Statz.

The show was a great opportunity for St. Norbert art seniors to display what they have been working on the last four years, in addition to offering them a chance to curate and run a professional show. All of the work created was either made on the artist’s own time or was created for one of the many art classes offered at St. Norbert.

Personally, I highly recommend visiting the Bush Art Center Galleries to take a look at some of the students work. There was an incredibly high level of execution, professionalism, creativity and time that went into all of the pieces. The Galleries are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The second round of senior art shows will begin on May 2. For a full analysis of several of the artists’ pieces and photos of the gallery, please visit


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