Study Abroad: Madrid, Spain




Studying abroad has been an incredible experience so far. Just being in Madrid has honestly been the most incredible time in my life.Since it is one of the biggest cities in Europe, there is always something to do and something new to see. Even if big cities have never appealed to you, be open minded to it because there are so many neighborhoods here where you can separate yourself from the craziness of the center plazas.

Madrid is a lively city filled with some of the most amazing people. Others often have a false impression of Madrid, being a Spanish city, and criticize it for not having a strong enough Spanish culture. I think that could not be more false. This city is the capital of Spain and houses so many historically important places within its borders. Here in Madrid, you can see the collections of some of the most renowned Spanish artists at the Prado Museum then walk down the street to the Royal palace and finish in time for tapas and a siesta in order to rest up for the incredible night life. The city is very easy to navigate with the metro system being so efficient and ever reaching.

If you have any reservations about studying in a different language, don’t fear. I have many classmates that don’t speak a single word of Spanish, and they will attest to this city being incredibly welcoming. Another great thing is that because it is a big city, it is very easy to travel directly to almost any place that you wish to travel while abroad. Also, because it is directly in the middle of the country, traveling to all of the other providences of Spain is no more than a six hour bus ride. That may sound bad, but if you take it overnight you can get some sleep then wake up somewhere completely new. I have been to a lot of countries other than Spain, having traveled a fair amount in the past, but I can claim that Spain is the most beautiful place both visually and culturally. Overall, Madrid is amazing and Spain is incredible. If you can you should defnitely study abroad here because it is the most life changing experience you could ever have.


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