Environmental Club Introduces Water Wednesdays


You may have wondered why there were boxes for disposing plastic water bottles in many buildings around campus this past month. Well, it was all part of a bigger plan for St. Norbert College’s Environmental Club. In an effort to show the campus just how many water bottles are used by students over the course of two weeks, they collected them and have the numbers posted on their website. But that wasn’t all they have been up to.

Environmental Club has been working to bring us Water Wednesdays throughout April. They hope to educate students about water, the way we waste water, spend unnecessary money on bottled water and to educate us of the benefits of water.

During the first week of April, you will be able to find them in Michels Commons doing a taste test. Students will be challenged to drink tap water and bottled water, in an attempt to determine which is which. They hope to prove that tap water doesn’t taste any different and that we ought to be drinking tap water as it is much cheaper and better for the environment.

On April 9, they will be in the Campus Center raising awareness for The Water Project, which helps to provide people with clean and safe drinking water. They will be encouraging students to drink only tap water for two weeks and donate the money they would have otherwise spent on beverages to The Water Project. They hope to raise $1,000; even if you don’t give up other drinks you can still donate in person or online.

On April 16, they will be back in Michels Commons providing students with information about the true cost of water through a display called flushing water down the drain. Facts will be displayed showing that tap water is 2,000 times cheaper than bottled water. They will also be demonstrating to students the advertisements that seem to get consumers to buy overpriced bottled water.

On April 23, in the Campus Center, they will be advertising to ditch disposables and pick up a reusable water bottle. Last year, America alone had 50 billion recycled water bottles and only 38 billion were able to be recycled, thus creating issues in the environment. Environmental Club will shed light on how to be a solution to the ever-growing problem.

And lastly, on April 30 they will be in Michels Commons teaching students the benefits of drinking water and the health effects related to water consumption.

Stop by these booths when you see them! If you are one of the first 50 people there each Wednesday, you will receive a free reusable water bottle, not to mention a lot of useful facts about water waste, consumption and the benefits of drinking tap water!


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