Fresh Ink Composition Concert Review




The music department at St. Norbert College presented its “Fresh Ink” Composition Concert Tuesday, April 15 at 7:30 p.m. at Dudley Birder Hall. This concert is unique in that any student at St. Norbert College can submit an original score to be considered for the program and have either themselves or others perform their work.

Pieces performed at this year’s concert were submitted by the following students: Natalee Cunningham’17, Dan Giordanelli’14, Taylor Jadin’14, Jessica Kust’15, Noah Reif ’15 and Rachel Ziolkowski ’15. I was able to chat with a few of the composers and get their insight into the whole idea of this concert.

Giordanelli, had the first movement of his flute suite, “The Valley,” performed by Lisa Kroeger. Additionally, they performed a group number, a scene from “Supernatural: The Musical.” Giordanelli accompanied both pieces on the piano. He says he enjoys the opportunity to have a concert like this because “it gives students composers a chance to have their work performed.”

Reif composed a bass quartet and performed in the piece “She Walks In Beauty,” an octet. Reif said, “To be given an opportunity to perform with such a phenomenal group of peers is exceptional. I am very honored to have been able to be a part of the compositional journey.”

Kust chose Nikki Schommer’14 and Elaine Moss to perform her piano/vocal duet titled, “Water Heart.” When I asked Kust what her favorite pieces were she said, “I can’t say that any one performance was my favorite, everyone did an excellent job and showcased their unique quirks in wonderful, carefully planned out songs.” She said that when she was sitting backstage “the mood was different than a normal performance. Everyone was smiling and having fun instead of being nervous. I think it brought everyone who was involved, including the composers and performers, a little closer.”

A big congratulations goes out to all who participated in the “Fresh Ink” Composition Concert. For more information on upcoming events at the St. Norbert College music department, visit .


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