Not Just a ‘C’


I choose not to share my grades with other people. I might say I did well or not so well on an exam, but I try not to share my actual letter or percentage grade. Everyone judges the entirety of a person based solely on a single letter.

If one were to hear of someone who received a “C” on an exam, one would automatically think lesser of that person; he or she was not smart enough or did not work hard enough, he or she clearly deserved that “C.” One letter can somehow sum up your entire life experience, your personality and your actual intelligence.

It is as if that person becomes a “C” person: average and needs improvement. An “A” person, on the other hand, seems to be on track to become the next president or has just become the new expert on the subject. Calm down everyone; it is just one grade.

An “A” person is not necessarily intelligent or kind. The people who are most concerned with getting A’s, sometimes do not worry about other facets of their life like their friendships. They feel entitled to treat others poorly because they have high intelligence, and everyone else is just stupid.

That is not to say if someone receives a bad grade they do not deserve it, but rather they deserve not to be judged based upon that grade. The arrogance and cockiness of some people is truly astounding in regards to school. Even when discussing majors, some people automatically feel more intelligent than their acquaintance.

I will say that some majors are easier than others in that there is less work, less studying and less of a time commitment overall in the major. But each person chooses their major; it’s not as if we all were cursed with our given majors. Easy majors are not a lesser major, knowledge is knowledge, and it just depends on what you want to learn. College has seemingly become one giant race in which we trip, kick and punch people in order to beat them to the finish line.

The grades of the person next to you will not affect your grades. As cliché as it is, be the best you that you can be. Your grades will affect no one but you; they are your wins or your losses. Even if you were to receive a higher grade than another, you may not have maintained all the knowledge. What is important is not just grades, but rather knowledge, or lack of knowledge, that you have gained.

People focus so much on letters and numbers to judge other people. Numbers and letters are important for the business world, but in a person-to-person relationship, numbers mean absolutely nothing. I never take into consideration what grades my friends are getting in a class when I talk with them.

If my friends never tried and were failing out of school, then I may begin to question their personal choices, but a bad grade is not a way in which I determine the outcomes of my friendships. Do not label people with a scarlet letter for you never know what life might bring, but for now you will just have to wait and “C.”


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