Seniors Shine in Capstone Performance

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Every year senior theatre students participate in a capstone project where they have to plan, design, and act in there own performances. On Thursday April 16, 2014 Ryan Penkal ’14 and Sarah Schlichter ’14 debuted their capstone, “Funeral in the Rain,” to a packed audience in the Cassandra Voss Center.

Schlichter and Penkal picked their show as a suggestion made by their professor April Beiswenger, who had friend in Pittsburgh that sent the play over, they both fell in love with the script. Alicia Skrivanie ’13 was the director for Schlichter and Penkal’s show; she graduated from SNC with a degree in theatre and is going to NYU in the fall for grad school.

Penkal and Schlichter worked together to put on a wonderful performance. Schlichter said, “To prepare we have been rehearsing about three times a week up until last week where we have been rehearsing every day. We both chose a tech element for the show so I did outside work of getting costumes, props, and set pieces. Ryan has been working on the sound and lighting elements.”

“Funeral in the Rain”tells the life story of a woman, Esther, at her funeral through the multiple perspectives of friends and family in her life. The play was funny, engaging, and sad at times. While watching the play I felt a connection to Esther, as if she was one of my own family members. Schlichter and Penkal brilliantly executed the different family and friends of Esther by using different Umbrellas to represent different characters.

Overall, from the sounds, to the lighting, costumes, props, and preparation I thought that it was an awesome performance and Penkal and Schlichter really showcased their work well. When asked what advice she would give to future Theatre students Schlichter said, “My advice would be one be have fun. There were many times throughout the process where I was stressing out over small things. Theatre is supposed to be fun though and that is when it is most fulfilling because you are doing something you love”


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