Student Recitals: April 15-27

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At 5:30 p.m. on Friday, April 25 saxophonist Ryan Kozak ’15 and clarinetist Jenna Wirth ’15 had their junior recital. Both students began preparing for the recital this past fall. They each hand-picked their musical selections for different reasons. Kozak ‘15 chose songs that he hoped would challenge his musical capabilities. The song he looked forward to performing the most was “Moanin’” by Charles Mingus. Wirth ’15 decided to perform pieces by one of her favorite composers, Robert Schumann. She was especially intrigued by the melodic triplets in the second movement of Schumann’s “Fantasy Pieces.”

Kozak said that his favorite part about student recitals is the excitement of the performance. “It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t performed live, but it’s exhilarating,” said Kozak. Wirth also shared why she enjoys student recitals. “My favorite aspect of student recital is the support from other music students and the music staff who are behind you the whole way. The music department has been nothing but supportive from the beginning of each of our musical careers.”

Jennah Smet ’15, performed her student recital on Sunday, April 27 at Dudley Birder Hall. Pieces performed by Smet include “Concert Scherzo” by Alexander Arutiunian for the trumpet, “Sonata for Trumpet and Piano” by Eric Ewazen, “Sonata Seconda per Trombetta sola et Organo”by Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani, and “Down By The Sally Gardens,” “The Next Market Day,” “I Know Where I’m Goin’” and “I Wish I Had the Shepherd’s Lamb”arranged by Sharon Davis for the flugelhorn.

Smet says she enjoys playing all of her pieces but that the “Ewazen Sonata” is her favorite and was, “the foundation for which the entire recital is built.” She says that was the first piece she chose and all other choices after it were made to compliment and balance that particular piece. In regards to her recital, Smet says she’s “poured her heart and soul, time and effort” into getting it ready.

On Friday, April 25, Kasara Sinkula ’15 and Rachel Zilokowski ’15 filled Dudley Birder Hall with a musical combo of tuba and voice. Sinkula’s display of her mastery of tuba meshed perfectly with Zilokowski’s voice, creating a marvelous musical mix. Sinkula also performed a solo, titled “Fantasy” written by Malcom Arnold. Zilokowski preformed works by Bach, Mozart and Schubert flawlessly. The performance was ended with a performance of Capriccio for tuba by Sinkula.

On Sunday April 27 Nikki Schommer ‘14 performed in her senior Vocal Merit Recital. The theme of her recital focuses on Brazilian and Spanish music. Nikki said she has been preparing for this recital for about 3 months now by researching Brazilian and Spanish music. When asked about her favorite piece Schommer said “I’m not sure if I have a favorite piece because I like them all or I wouldn’t have chosen them, but I definitely like the flashier Spanish pieces like Polo and De los álamos vengo, madre.” Overall, Schommer has loved worked with the SNC music program and says they are an amazing support system and like family.


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