Art Department Encourages Seniors to Curate their own Art Show




Earlier in the semester, the first set of senior art major students at St. Norbert College showcased their best work in the Bush Art Center Galleries. On Friday May 2, the second batch of senior art major students had the chance to display their best work also.

Every year the St. Norbert College art department requires senior art students to enroll in a course that enables them to curate their own art show. The show gives the students the chance to work together to promote and display their best work for the campus to see.

Every artist in the show displayed pieces from a variety of different mediums, such as photography, illustration, graphic design, sculpture, mixed media, and more. Currently, Sam Bonin ’14, Lauren Carman ’14, Anna Englund ’14, C.J. Guzan ’14, Jonathan Haines ’14, Paige Peerenboom ’14, Celle Savard ’14, Samantha Skovera ’14, Lana Tomashek ’14 and Michelle Von Neupert ’14 have their work on display in all three of the Bush Art Center Galleries.

The work they displayed ranged from work that the students produced on their own and in their major intense classes the last four years. The work on display shows the creativity, innovation, and precision that art students strive to create. I was very impressed with the creativity of the pieces on display. I could truly tell that these students spent a substantial amount of time working on their pieces.

The Bush Art Center is constantly displaying student work throughout their galleries. If you are interested in finding out more about shows displayed in the galleries, please visit

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