Athlete Spotlight: Alex Larsen




Year: Senior

Major: Business Finance

Hometown: Baileys Harbor, WI


Q: What is the biggest difference between baseball in high school and college?

A: The biggest difference between high school baseball and college baseball is the quality of the game and the speed of the game. The game is a step faster and a smidgen cleaner with each level you go up.


Q: When you transferred from Marian why did you choose St. Norbert?

A: I chose to transfer to St. Norbert because of the integrity of the school and the opportunities that exist in the De Pere/Green Bay Area.


Q: You’re leading the team in home runs and you had a reputation in Door County for hitting moon shots. When did you know you could really hit the long ball?

A: It’s funny, but I knew I could hit the long ball after my first home run in high school. My sophomore year of high school I was facing the best pitcher in the conference at that time and was a little nervous going up to the plate, but told myself to be aggressive and swing hard. I hit the ball over two fences and halfway across a parking lot.


Q: What is your favorite baseball movie?

A: My favorite baseball movie is For the Love of the Game. It’s a little bit of a romance, but don’t judge me. It’s a movie with the moral of the story being there are more things important in life other than baseball.


Q: What would be your at bat walk-up music?

A: My walk-up song would be “I’m a Scatman” by Scatman John. It’s a song with a unique intro and a little different than what people are accustomed to hearing for walk-up music. Plus it would be kind of funny.


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