Breaking News: SNC Introduces Knight Talk


Recently, Knight Talk was founded by a group St. Norbert College students. It is an organization that strives to connect the SNC student body to the news on campus and beyond . They will be giving 15 minute news shows that cover campus and community events as well as national and world news. They plan on focusing not only on events that have already occurred, but also informing students about upcoming events. These 15 minute news clips will be filmed every Friday and will air on YouTube. You can also see their shows by liking their Facebook page.

Bryant McCray ’16 founded the organization because he noticed that the SNC campus was full of exciting news and events that were not necessarily covered. He thought there was no better way of inform the campus of the happenings on campus as well as all over the world than by doing so via a news show. The team is also open to ideas from the campus community for stories concerning the SNC campus as well as around the world.. McCray also mentions that there is an amazing TV. room located in the Mulva Studio that should most definitely be utilized.

Currently there are only a few SNC students that make up Knight Talk. These students are, Paige Brown ’15, ,social media correspondent, Joe Bartel ’15, lead sports anchor, Chantre Smith ’15, entertainment reporter, Kelsey Whaley ’15, news and sports reporter and founder McCray has assumed the position of lead anchor. They would love to see more interest in Knight Talk, especially people who have TV experience and/or people who are good at editing clips. To contact the team with story ideas or with interest in joining their team, email

As of right now the organization is just getting its feet wet but there will be one more broadcast before the end of this semester. They hope to grow their following in the next school year by reaching as many students as possible. The team has hopes of getting on the SNC TV channel next semester and they also believe that the team will operate on a semi-professional level in the future.


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