New for Fall 2014 – Proxy and KnightLine E-billing!


Some exciting new processes are being implemented this summer at SNC.

The first, KnightLine Proxy, allows St. Norbert College students to grant a parent, guardian or anyone else who the student would like to view authorized pages of their KnightLine account. The pages available to grant proxy are Bursar account detail and billing statements, Financial Aid award detail and history, Registrar address and grade detail, REH continuing housing deposit access, and tax documents (1098T and W-2).

This new process will help SNC students provide others 24/7 access to updated information on the select records they want. It is important to note that a proxy is only allowed access to the specific pages the student grants access.

Proxy access is available now, and set up is simple – once in KnightLine select the Proxy Access tab and complete the 4 step process. Your authorized user will receive an email notifying them that they have been added as a proxy and the email will also give them information on how to log into the KnightLine proxy system.

St. Norbert College is also on the verge of transforming its method of providing billing information. KnightLine e-billing is a new electronic billing system, which will eliminate the need for paper statements. Paperless billing statements will allow students, parents and other authorized users the ability to receive their billing statements in a secure, cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.

Starting with the July billing statement, students and any proxy who have been granted billing statement access will receive emails informing them to review their billing statement via their KnightLine account. The KnightLine billing page enables students and authorized proxies to view statement or payment history, make on-line payments, and have access to multiple links, such as payment plan or credit balance refund forms.

The Bursar’s office will supply both paper bills and KnightLine e-billing notification in July, August and September. Paper bills will no longer be mailed out after September 2014.


Further communication will be forthcoming over the next few months. However, if you have any questions about proxy or the KnightLine billing process, please visit contact the Bursar Office at 920-403-3002. The Bursar Office is located in Todd Wehr Hall, Room 128.


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