SNC Student Voice Recital


On May 8, students gathered to perform and listen to this year’s Studio Voice Recital at Dudley Brider Hall. The program featured a variety of solos and ended with a group performance. Hanna Raczek ‘17, a soloist in the recital, explained that she most looked forward to “be able to share music with my fellow singers and the audience.” To Raczek, music is not just beats and tunes.

“Music is a language all its own, and the opportunity to speak this language to a multitude of people is a special gift that offers its own brand of joy,” Raczek said. Steven Sizer ‘15 also looked forward to the event, explaining that “there is a lot of talent in the group, and it’s always a pleasure to hear how much they have improved.”

Many different pieces were performed by students, and in particular Raczek looked forward to performing her favorite song, which she explains as both “difficult and nonsensical.” She hoped that the audience would be “swept up in the message as well as the music, it will make the experience that much more magical.” Sizer takes a much simpler approach, encouraging the audience to simply “relax and enjoy the experience.” Other students who performed in the recital include Samantha Delke, Dan Giordanelli ‘14, Emily Herman ‘16, Jessica Kust ‘17, Sarah Lambert ‘16, Meredith Pointer ‘16, Kelly Anderson ‘17, Chloe Shepard ’17, Jessica Zignengo ’14, Nate Ruechel ’16, Carissa Trepanier ‘17and Kelsey Upchurch ‘16. These performers will be accompanied by Natalie Beck, Jessica Kust, Patrick Marchant, Jade Rohloff and Nikki Schommer.

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