Why St. Norbert College is my School


In fear of becoming too “after school special”, I am going to try and keep the flattery to a low level. But my apologies, if my article induces the need to actually think about how blessed you truly are to be here.

While my friends at large universities may have a plethora of classes to choose from, huge parties on the weekends and the ability to do whatever they want, I choose to stay at my small school and enjoy the quirks that go along with it.

One of the main reasons I chose to attend St. Norbert was because it was not a large university. At SNC, I would not get lost in the crowd. In a large school my friends are able to skip class, forget to do homework and never have to worry about someone calling them out for their sub-par work.

At St. Norbert, the amount of people I would be letting down if I were to fail keeps me from submitting to this cliché college ritual. I go to class, besides the obvious reason of caring about my education, because my professors would notice my absence.

I can almost guarantee that my professors know my name and if they do not know my name they do a good job of faking it. At the large universities, my friends attend with 300 plus students in classes. They are lucky if their professors recognize their faces.

I can assume thateveryone has at least one complaint about St. Norbert; do not even get me started about waking up to the construction every morning. But every school has their annoyances that irritate the students.

My annoyance might have to deal with the river-esqe sidewalks when it rains whereas my friend’s might be waking up extremely early in order to catch a bus for his or her fifteen minute commute to class. Recently I was lucky enough to go to President Kunkel’s house with other students. As I sat in his dining room, I just thought of all my friends at the huge universities. How many of them could say they sat down with their president, ate a hamburger and talked about football. I was not being expelled, nor was I given an award; I was simply talking with the President of my college about interest, sports and life.

These occurrences that seem so natural to the St. Norbert students are actually quite unique among other universities. To be honest, my friends would probably not be able to pick their President out of a line up, let alone be invited to his or her house.


At St. Norbert, it’s as though we are all equals in this experience, no one is better than another. As much as it pains me to say this, communio is an actual thing on this campus.

Wherever I may go in my college endeavors and future careers, I am able to know I have my Green Knight family behind me. In these future events, I know I have a connection of people who believe in me, taught me and made me to be a strong, well educated human being.

Thank you to everyone who is helping each student on their journey to wherever their path may lead. Although many of us probably do not take notice or care right now, in the future, I am sure we will all be truly grateful. Thank you.



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