And Just Like That, Fall is Here




It is safe to say that fall has made an early appearance here at St. Norbert.. The mornings are frosty, the wind is blustery and students are already bundling up with scarves and beanies. I have seen far too many pairs of UGG boots around campus for it only being September. Despite fall being the harbinger of winter, it also brings a lot more life to our campus. Students flock to Ed’s to get coffee and hot apple cider. The squirrels become more and more bold in the quest to find nuts to bury. The leaves begin to change color, leaving our campus looking like an artist came through and splashed the whole campus in an array of brilliant orange and red.

Campus life also becomes more fun. We have a (much-needed) break from classes over the first weekend of October – a perfect time to bring the shorts and tank tops back home and return to Norbs with some winter gear. On October 10, we have the annual Fall Fest that features free food, drinks, carnival-style games and even a photobooth. Following that, St. Norbert also has the Garden Harvest Fest on October 11 that has a raffle, live music and tours of the SNC garden.

The annual SNC Homecoming festivities are also quickly approaching. It will take place October 13 through the 18. The theme of this year’s Homecoming is Science Fiction and events have already been planned and scheduled. On the night of the 13, Homecoming kick-off, “Scream Your Theme” and a massive Tug-Of-War will take place in Schuldes gym. Volleyball games and various skits will be going on throughout the week and at 10 a.m. on Saturday the 18, the SNC Homecoming parade will begin! The Green Knights then have the Homecoming football game at Schneider Stadium at 1p.m.

We have now gotten into the swing of things and are beginning to feel the pressure of our classes and extra-curriculars, but don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to relieve the stress of the semester – be sure not to miss out on any of them.


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