Breaking the Bad Addiction




It has been six hours since I have watched “Breaking Bad.” The addiction has been too great. “Do you want another one?” Netflix would always ask me. As the time ticked down until my next episode, I weigh the pros and cons. The next episode pops up and I continue my hibernation state of binge watching “Breaking Bad.”

“Breaking Bad” is a show starring actors Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul. Walter White (Cranston) is a chemistry teacher that starts producing methamphetamines, along with his former student (Paul), in order to support his family. There are, obviously, many pitfalls along the way and, I must caution, a lot of violence. The plot is also much more complex than the one sentence I just described, but just watch the show or Google it to find that out.

The fact that there are no commercials and Netflix is available at my fingertips makes for a relaxing viewing experience. It’s easy to think ‘just one more episode’ and three hours later no homework has been done and you wonder how the time has passed so quickly. Why couldn’t class or studying feel like that? Class time seems to tick by so slowly.

A major factor in the amount of time I usually waste watching Netflix is the relaxing mind numbing aspect to the entire experience. I sit in a comfortable chair, relax and let my computer do all the work. The largest decision I have to make is what to watch. My mind gets to relax and watch a screen for a few hours.

In class my brain has to churn its rusty wheels and actually pay attention, process information and respond to stimuli. I cannot press a button to move onto the next lecture or fast forward to when I am back in my room. Life is in no way similar to Netflix.

My addiction to “Breaking Bad” probably stems from the popularity of the series nationwide. The show itself won many awards, as did certain actors and the directors. I also enjoy the extreme polarity of the show in comparison to my life.

I do not watch drug deals go down on a daily basis nor do I have to worry that some drug cartel is out to kill me. These problems are ones that I have never had to face so watching them from a safe distance is absolutely fascinating.

I am trying to get a hold of my addiction to Netflix and binge watching entire seasons of certain shows, but the red logo is so tantalizing, especially when I have homework due. I must stop for the sake of my grades. I will control this addiction.

Maybe after just one more episode…


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