HONOR CODE SUMMARY –Spring/Summer 2014


Contributed by Michael Rosewell, Associate Academic Dean


Each semester, the Associate Academic Dean’s office records cases of academic misconduct as required by the St. Norbert College Honor Code. The following list is a summary of Honor Code violations taking place during the second half of last year (Jan 25-Aug 1, 2014).

There were 30 reported cases of academic misconduct during the spring and summer terms. Two of the cases were second offenses, leading to a hearing in front of an Academic Honor Board. In both cases, the students received failing marks for their courses, and one of the students was also suspended from the College for the period of one semester.

Twenty-one of the Honor Code cases were instances of plagiarism, resulting in a variety of sanctions for the involved students. Most were required to complete a tutorial on plagiarism and do remedial work on how to cite sources in college writing. Some received reduced credit for the assignment, and at least half were required to rewrite or rework their papers. Some received no credit at all for the assignment or had their final grade limited to a maximum of ‘C.’ Two students received failing marks for the course.

There were seven instances of cheating on an exam or assignment. All cases resulted in the failure of the academic exercise. One student failed the course.

For more information about the Honor Code, please see the St. Norbert College Student Handbook, The Citizen. If you are aware of an instance of academic misconduct, you can report it on the mySNC page by following the link: “Report Academic Misconduct.”


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