Living on Disney’s Campus




When a student is just starting out, college can be a pretty terrifying place. First-year students have to adjust to many new things. However, St. Norbert College is not quite as terrifying as the one and only Monsters University.

Upon arrival to St. Norbert College, many students believe that the campus in the movie “Monsters University” looks similar to our own. John Berens, ‘18 said, “both campuses have the big arch with the school’s name on it, the forest-like setting, the steeple and the Hogwarts-esque main hall.”


Rachel School ‘16 said, “I think that the Monsters University campus looks similar to our own. For me, the main similarity is the archway.”


As much as they may look alike, the schools are not nearly as similar on the inside. Berens, said, “Monsters’ University was a lot more cliquey than ours and it plays up the college frat life.”


School agrees with Berens on the statement. She said, “ I don’t think the movie is a decent representation of college life. Parts of the movie are accurate. For example, trying to balance studying and a social life. However, the film focuses on one small aspect of college life (fraternity and sorority life) and then leaves out other parts of the college experience.”


Even though the social structures of the schools differ, the students found themselves similar to the characters in the film. Megan Laplant ‘18 said, “I’m like Mike Wazowski, because he’s really dedicated to his studies, and he’s little.”


School said, “If I were a character in the movie, I think I would have to be the snail that never arrives to class.”


Berens said, “I would be Squishy, because he always just pops up out of nowhere.”


The students may not have the excitement of earning a Scaring Degree in the legendary School of Scaring, but they still have their favorite spots on their home campus. Berens said, “The best place is in the basement of Madelaine/Lorraine Hall because it has everything I need: an oven, air hockey, TV and a really comfortable couch.”


Laplant said, “I love being over by the river because it is very relaxing and beautiful.”

School said, “One of my very favorite spots is Ed’s, which is located in the library. I’m there so often that I have a regular drink now. I feel accomplished.”



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