Sept. 13, the sixth annual SNC Day, saw crowds gather to celebrate the community of St. Norbert College. From the food, to the Don Schneider Memorial Run, SNC Day had something for everyone. One of the best aspects of SNC day is that it provides attendees with all day musical entertainment. The gazebo behind the campus center hosted over 10 musical groups, and I was fortunate to speak with current SNC student and member of Boogie and the Yo-Yo’z Garrett Moody,’15 about the experience.

Boogie and the Yo-Yo’z have been around for 19 long years, and Moody has been participating in multiple facets in the group for over two months. When asked about what he most looked forward to on SNC day, Moody stated that “[he] is most excited to play in front of [his] peers,” and that “rarely does [he] get to look out into the audience and see someone [he] recognize.” Moody, the youngest member of the band, brings a level of youth to the audience. Moody also explained that although SNC is a smaller venue compared to other shows, “I’ve been looking forward to playing this show since I saw it on our calendar. Being able to play with a familiar crowd is going to be a blast.”

While the gazebo may have pulled in the largest crowds at SNC Day, other groups playing at the international center and Dudley Birder brought musical talent in a more formal setting. SNC Knights on Broadway and Sawdust Symphony are two groups that preformed at SNC Day last year, and had similar success at entertaining their audiences in performances this year as well.

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