Abbey the Dog: An Exposé




Many students have seen a black Labrador puppy gamboling around campus. She is probably the friendliest and sweetest puppy that I have ever met, but I had a lot of questions about her and why she was here. Did President Kunkel spontaneously decide to adopt a puppy and move her to the campus, or is this only a temporary situation? I decided to talk to Father Jay Fostner about Abbey to get the full scoop on St. Norbert’s very own puppy.


How old is Abbey now?

She is now six and a half months!


Whose dog is she – I have heard she is President Kunkel’s. Is this true?

Abbey is literally the campus dog! She is yours and President Kunkel’s. She technically belongs to every single student on campus. The adoption of her was between President Kunkeland myself and she lives with me at my house at night and during the school breaks.


What plans are there for her? Is she here to brighten up campus, or something more?      

Abbey is on campus to be a comfort for all the dog people I know we have here and to cheer up the general atmosphere around campus. We also have plans for her to be a therapy dog for the counseling center when she is older. We are also working with Abbey to help train her to chase the geese off campus!


Will other students besides pre-vet be able to walk/train/care for her?

Not yet, because sheis still too young. Some of the walkers we have hired are coincidentally pre-vet students, and campus safety officers will also walk her. I walk her the most often. We are not trying to have too many people working with her yet, because sheis still young. We are slowly introducing people to Abbey as she gets older.


Is there a chance of more puppies coming to campus?

Not that I am aware!


Where exactly does Abbey live on campus?

She lives next to the priory and Old St. Joe’s. We built a kennel and dog run for her over the summer and that is where she will be whenever she is at school.


What is your funniest orfavorite moment with Abbey so far?

There are too many to remember! I honestly cannot think of one that specifically stands out. She is a very loving and gentle dog and she will stay pretty small as she grows up. She is good at miming and learning commands, but only if food is not around.


Does she have any bad habits?

The one thing she is fond of is eating goose poop, but we are working on training her not to eat it! She is very smart and catches on to things quickly. She sleeps through the nights and will not bark unless she feels threatened or feels that she needs to protect the area around her.


Anything else you would like to add about Abbey?

Please do not spit out gum or throw food on the grounds! She will go after anything she thinks is food, and then we are the ones who have to clean it up and fish it out of her mouth.


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