Autumn Choral Concert Overview – A Taste of What our Music Department Can do




On Friday, Oct. 17, the St. Norbert College Music Department put on their Autumn Choral Concert which showed displayed the work of the choral groups that we have here at SNC.

The women’s choir sang works by Susan Brumfield, Eric Whitacre and Johannesburg Brahms. The men’s choir sang a more jumbled mix of songs ranging in styles from prayer to barbershop. The men and women’s choirs collaborated on the following two songs: Hall Johnson’s “Ain’t Got Time to Die” and John Leavitt’s “O Captain! My Captain!” The latter of these two songs is an adaptation of a poem by Walt Whitman which shares the same name.The song was sung in a style to match the feelings and emotions throughout the poem. The chamber singers sang songs ranging from Palestrina, spiritual songs and even Brahm’s op 65 labeled “Neue Liebeslieder, Walzer für vier Singstimmen und Klavier zu vier Händen.” The latter song featured a piano duet with Mrs. Elaine Moss and Justin Kreuger.

Each of the singers in this performance worked very hard to make sure that it would be enjoyed by each and every member of the audience. Dr. Sarah Parks, the director of the concert, chose each of these songs to make sure that there was a logical flow to the performance. There was a flow of styles that varied throughout the concert such as up-tempo songs following slow and more somber pieces and vice versa. The singers of the various groups also practiced in a way that made sure that they could get into the proper mood for each individual song. For example the groups would practice using relaxed diction for more spiritual songs.

The SNC Music Department continually puts on quality shows that showcase the talent of our students. It is a great feeling to know that we have great musical talent here at St. Norbert College. You can find information about future performances from the St. Norbert College’s box office webpage at


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