Bigger, Faster, Stronger: SNC Radio to Revamp




SNC Radio is getting an update. Most students that went to the Involvement Fair earlier this year are likely familiar with SNC Radio (the group with the speakers playing music). For those that aren’t, SNC Radio is a student organization that, as the name implies, provides students the opportunity to have their own internet radio shows. However, some who have attempted to tune in may have noticed that the stream has been down. That’s because big changes are on the way.

“A lot of our equipment has been a mishmash of what we could get our hands on in the past,” Jared Eastman ’15, the vice-president of SNC Radio, said, “but we managed to secure some funding through SAFAC (Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee) to get new equipment. The online stream will have higher fidelity and shouldn’t have as much downtime as we have had in the past.”

Their goal: to make sure that there is always something for listeners to tune in for..

“We hope to have a 24-hour radio stream curated by our DJs,” Eastman said, “as well as a full line-up of radio shows during prime times.”

As for what shows listeners can expect beyond the current Monday Night Meltdown with Zachari Pukel ’15 (a music program which features a large range of both local and full-time professional talent) and Culture Shock at 7 o’ clock (which focuses on review and reporting on entertainment such as movies, TV and music), there will be plenty of variety to from which to pick from.

“We got a large number of DJ applicants this year,” Eastman said, “and they are interested in all sorts of genres. As soon as our stream is finalized, we should have a schedule up on the website.”

With the new technology comes the possibility for recording shows. If you miss the most recent episode of Culture Shock, for example, SNC Radio’s website hopes to have archives of recorded episodes for you to listen to on your own time, but SNC Radio wants to make it even more convenient than that.

“I think it starts with making the stream accessible in a variety of forms,” Eastman said. “One thing we are working on is making sure the stream works on mobile platforms like iOS and Android as well as desktops.”

Unfortunately, the new stream has been delayed due to shipping problems with the new technology, but expect SNC Radio to be up and running in November. We will keep you posted when we have more details. For more information and the link for the stream, like SNC Radio’s Facebook page or check out their website at



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