Hello Essay: A New Way to Get Your Essayss Edited




Every student knows the feeling of having a big paper due in a couple days and the terror that there are no appointments left at the Writing Center or of leaving the Writing Center with many unanswered questions because each appointment is only 30 minutes long. The Writing Center is very helpful, but sometimes it is unable to fulfill your needs when writing a paper. Zack Homer and Corey Sherman decided to launch their company Hello Essay in May 2014 as a place for students to get their papers edited with detailed feedback from a highly educated staff of editors. Students can go to www.helloessay.com to have papers edited and get information about the company. Zack Homer was able to answer some questions about his up-and-coming website.


What is your company?

Hello Essay is an online website that makes it easy for students to connect with experts who edit and proofread academic essays and personal statements. Hello Essay was created to solve a little understood problem: the lack of effective and ethical writing support. Writing centers are an incredible resource and are highly encouraged (in fact, Hello Essay is not a “competitor” of writing centers). The face-to-face interaction is wonderful because it allows for a collaborative discussion on overall essay direction and approach. However, many students feel rushed during their allotted time and consider the general feedback inadequate for their need for a thorough review. Ultimately, this is dangerous, because it leaves these students with a sense of urgency that can lead them to plagiarize, purchase essays/use ‘essay mills’ or seek expensive and/or unethical outside assistance.

What makes your company stand out from the crowd?

  1. Allowing students to select their own editor. Students specify their subject area or admissions program (among other criteria) and select a relevant specialist, one of our top academics or former admissions officers.
  2. Code of ethics. Our comprehensive code of ethics ensures all work adheres to academic integrity policies.
  3. Editor-student interaction. The student provides his or her Essay Introduction, a document that describes the writing assignment, message and concerns. We hire numerous bilingual editors because we allow ESL/international students to provide this Introduction in their native language. The editor reads the Introduction to fully understand the paper’s purpose and perspective. If needed, the editor will send the student clarifying questions or comments. The editor sends his or her work directly to the student to allow the student to email follow-up questions or comments (in English or a native language). This process enables editor-client communication on several fronts, while giving our staff the time for focused effort and detailed attention.                                                                                                                    4. Expert evaluation and advice. Our editors provide an evaluation using our customized “Hello Assessment” including the essay’s rating, strengths and weaknesses, along with expert advice.

Affordability and Speed.

We try to offer options that are both affordable and quick.

Is there anything else St. Norbert Students should know about your company?                       Plagiarism is the intentional or incidental presentation of another’s work as one’s own.  Most students know that they are required to reference sources at the end of their essay.  However, plagiarism violations can also occur when students are helped by friends, parents or editors who do not know where to draw the line on assistance. Students can get into trouble when their helpers rewrite passages, write new content, add research or alter the author’s message. In short, writing assistance itself is not the issue. Knowing where to draw the line makes all the difference.  That is why we reviewed the academic integrity policies of universities around the world and collaborated with academics to identify these boundaries. We constructed the Hello Essay Code of Ethics and posted it on our website to be transparent about our standards and practices.  Each hired editor is required to sign an agreement that states he or she will abide by this ethical code.





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