Opinion on Opinions


I like dogs, unless you do not like dogs, then dogs are stupid.

I feel like I am still in middle school. I thought I would stop caring what people thought about me, my views and my life. The fact that I make decisions about what I do based on other people’s opinions is astounding. But I am not the only one that lets others affect me in such a great way.

Why are we not  running around in our Superman capes singing Britney Spears as we skip around campus? People would immediately label us as “weird.” Somehow their labels and their opinions, stop us from even trying out new things or experiences.

Even songs on the Billboard charts proclaim their wants to let others’ opinions roll off their backs, or rather “shake it off.” Taylor Swift, in her new song “Shake It Off,” explains how outsiders may exaggerate or misconstrue her actions, yet she does not worry about it and lets it be or rather “let it go” (thank you, Frozen). She understands, “the haters gonna hate” or rather the people who are going to judge, will judge.

We will never be able to stop someone from judging; we can only control our behaviors and our life. One of my favorite quotes is from Wayne Dyer that states, “[w]hen you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

Letting other people control how you live your life seems ridiculous. And I am sure many people think that people do not control them, but I think all of us allow people to affect our lives, whether for the better or worse.

Our friends are a great example of people who are a deciding factor in what we do, say and believe. If you surround yourself with people who drink, you will probably be more apt to drink, if you decide to hang out with people who discuss politics frequently, you will probably become more political.

Only we have control over what affects us and who we choose has an effect on us. We can choose to disagree or walk away. Who is to say if you are the only one acting a certain way that it is wrong? One day, not too long ago, one brave soul decided to wear leggings as pants and look at where we are today.

So put on your superman cape, grab your favorite Britney song and skip across campus (or not, I would hate to pressure you into it). It is your decision.


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