RA Positions Available for Spring Semester




Resident Assistants, or RAs, are present in every on-campus residence hall. Resident Assistants are an essential part of residence hall living, as they help to foster the growth of residents, promote academic success and create effective community building within the residence halls at SNC.

Students interested in becoming a Resident Assistant are in luck—Residential Education and Housing is looking for new recruits to fill open RA positions for those studying abroad during the spring semester.

The available positions for the spring semester include eight Resident Assistant positions and one Community Coordinator position.

Certain requirements must be met before a student can apply to become an RA. Applicants must be full time students at St. Norbert College. Students also need to have a 2.5 GPA or higher, hold sophomore, junior or senior standing and maintain a reasonable judicial standing.

If interested students meet all of these standards, the next step is applying. This is done by going to http://www.snc.edu/housing and filling out the Resident Assistant application form. Before submitting it, students will need to have two references, along with a cover letter and resume sent to raselection@snc.edu. The deadline for submitting applications is Monday, Nov. 3.

Kristen Nyholm, Sensenbrenner Residence Hall Director, said “We recommend that students stop into Career Services for help on their resume and cover letter. There will also be a half-hour interview with a group of Hall Directors and current RAs during the week of November 17.”

The application process for the spring semester is somewhat different than applying for the 2015-2016 RA positions. For students planning to apply to be an RA for the next academic year, the process “includes an individual interview, as well as a group interview where students are asked to participate in different activities that simulate RA responsibilities,” said Nyholm.

Still unsure about becoming an RA? There are many perks involved with the job. Students with an RA position receive free room and board in addition to a stipend. Resident Assistants also build a number of skills, such as working with a range of diverse students and cultures, leadership skillsand creating friendships.

For more information or answers to any questions about the process,talk to a current RA, or Hall Directoror email raselection@snc.edu.




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