Roommate Rivalry




Over the last three years or so, I have come to a startling and rather obvious conclusion: my roommate and I are preternaturally similar. It sounds trivial and, as I just said, probably obvious to anyone who has met the both of us, but it is beyond true. To say that we each enjoy the same things as the other would be the understatement of the century. If you give us a choice in music, the speakers will be playing classic rock in a heartbeat. Ask us to pick a show to binge-watch on Netflix and the answer, at least right now, is going to be “The Office”. I do not think I need to carry on much further for you to see where I am going here.

To most people, we are Fred and George Weasley, because aside from our rather distinguishable looks, one might think that we were twins. We are honestly so close that we can finish each-others’….sandwiches. To be honest, for us it is not that we are so similar that makes us as close as we are. It is how we can differently appreciate what we have in common that makes us as tight as yoga pants.

Pick a sport and you will find that, on most occasions, we are fans of rival teams. Baseball: he likes the Brewers, I like the Cubs. Football: he likes the Packers, I like the Vikings. Soccer: he likes the Seattle Sounders and Tottenham, I like the LA Galaxy and Swansea City. Like I said, you see where I am going with this and it is not difficult to imagine what it is like when our teams play each other. It gets hectic at times.

The thing is, we can move past our slight differences to find that our common ground is more important than what separates us in these areas. We can both put aside the hatred we have for each other’s favorite baseball team to agree that we would both be elated if our teams never won another World Series, so long as the St. Louis Cardinals never won another game. And, of course, we can agree to the scientifically proven fact that the Bears still suck.

I think this is an important part of any sort of friendship. At first, you are drawn to people because of the similarities you share. You initially make friends because of the common ground you stand on. After a while, that common ground starts to become smaller as you two grow together. It becomes less important that you two are similar because your differences seem to grow along with you.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that it is easy to let differences overwhelm us. I am not sure if it is human nature or what, but I have seen a lot of people throw away friendships and relationships for frivolous matters and I have seen even more people hold onto relationships they did not belong in because of the fear of letting go. It happens to everyone and it can be quite difficult, but the people who are actually meant to be in each other’s’ lives will be able to put those apparently great differences aside to see that maybe they are not so different at all.



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