Why Students Should Attend More School Events




During the week of welcome, first-years like myself are bombarded with schedules of campus-sponsored events like hypnotist shows, music performances and dances. Events for the whole campus are often advertised in residence halls or in one of the thousands of emails delivered to students every morning, seemingly begging students to come. Throughout the semester it becomes noticeable that these events are not popular and the purpose of college-sponsored dances, like the homecoming dance, or other events can be questioned.

In college, there is a strange aversion to participating in any campus-sponsored activity, with the only exception if it offers a free meal. Simply offering snacks anymore does not bring in student participation, as I witnessed at the Residence Hall Community’s “MORP” (Prom spelled backwards) dance. Between Bergstrom and Mad/Lor (a little less than half of the freshman class), there were less than thirty students in attendance..

Instead of participating in these events, most students either stay in their residence halls or go out and look for house parties, instead of taking advantage of college sponsored events that could end up being more fun if people actually went to them. I am sure that last month’s “MORP” could have been great if many more people would have attended.

Another reason that these events have such a low-attendance is that students rarely know what they are about. Although information comes through emails or is posted on bulletin boards, few take the time to look into something they already think will be boring. Before last week’s “Heritage Days,” only a couple of the students (from varying grade levels) had any idea of what was going on. However, Fallfest was very well attended, most likely because it promised free pizza, soda, popcorn and custard and had many prominent organizations supporting it.

So the question is, why does St. Norbert College sponsor certain events knowing they may have a low attendance rate? Perhaps these events are raised only to say they were offered and to boost some credentials against other schools. Or, they genuinely believe that having such events could bring together a wider amount of students to an event they know will be safe and fun at the same time.

Instead of blaming the college for poorly organized dances or shows that “literally no one goes to,” students at SNC should consider making a bigger effort to show up and enjoy some of these things. The more people who come, the more fun will be had by everyone. In the end, it will be the events like that that students will want to look back on after graduation (instead of sitting at home watching Netflix) and wishing that they could go back to college.

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