2014 SNC Halloween Costume Contest!


The Thursday before Halloween had no shortage of festivities taking place outside of Michaels’ Commons, as the 2014 Halloween Costume Contest brought out the creative side of dozens of SNC students and faculty. The contest, put on by Director of Dining Mary Jo Morris, was started simply out of love of the Halloween spirit. The event was met with enthusiasm, as individuals and groups turned up to win the praise of the Norby Knight, who selected the top 10 costumes to move on to the next round of Facebook “Like” voting. With Custom Cash Prizes of $60, $40 and $20, students used all of their creative energy to design unique costumes.

There was a wide variety of costumes in the contest. “I thought it’d be fun to wear something out of season,” said Sam Webb ’17, dressed as a beach guy complete with sloppily-applied sun block. Alie Hassler ’18, took a more horror-based approach, creating a realistic throat wound out of gelatin, latex and Halloween paint. There were also full-body costumes, such as Rebecca Petersen ’18, who came as a ZomBunny, and played the part with ease. Pirates, movie characters and even a banana were among the other characters trying to win the praise of our mascot.

The winners of the $60 grand prize, as announced on Facebook Halloween afternoon, were The Avengers, where Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow and Iron Man were portrayed by seniors Danae Pasch, Lindsey Pelke, Becca McHugh, Krystal Van De Hey and Dani Brocket respectively. Lizzie Tesch, came in second with her portrayal of Elsa from “Frozen”, and Nick Evenson came third as Favra from “Super Troopers”. It was impressive how much time and energy all the participants put into the costumes. It was an event with a lot of energy, as the spirit of Halloween was put on full display for the entire campus to see, and all the participants did an excellent job!


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