Election Season: A Time to Celebrate Freedom


The leaves are changing colors, political signs are proudly placed in front lawns, the days are getting shorter and the promise of Thanksgiving Break is upon us. Fall is here, and so is election season. This year, Wisconsin is voting for its next governor on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Election season is a time filled with disagreement, competition and stress. The amazing freedom that we have as American citizens to vote for who we would like to lead our state should be something to celebrate and be excited about, not to bash or hurt others.

Our country is so fortunate to allow the freedom for every citizen over the age of 18 to vote. Every political commercial on television is one party bashing another party and telling citizens whom not to vote for rather than whom to vote for. With our political system set up with extreme parties who cannot seem to agree on anything, it is hard for young people to decide for whom to vote. Conversations at the dinner table with parents are one influential factor for young people. However, it is important to not only go off family beliefs but to also explore individual beliefs and vote for a person that seems like the best candidate in the voter’s mind. It is hard for young voters to find accurate information, with every T.V. station being bias to a specific political party. It is important for young people to read unbias newspapers, read credible articles that tell straight facts about what each candidate stands for and vote for whom they believe will be the best person for the job not who their friends or family believe is best.

We have all seen the political disagreements on Facebook, with many comments going back and forth, and each side not even taking into perspective what the other is saying. It is easier to get into arguments over politics now more than ever, because, through the internet, no face-to-face contact is needed, allowing people to hurt others more easily. If this is the United States of America, why are our political parties so divided and hostile towards each other? Of course, there will always be disagreements about the ways to make our country better. It is our duty as American citizens to have conversations with others and put ourselves into the shoes of others. Think about why they might believe what they believe, and then have a respectable, political conversation with them. It is time now to respect those in office, celebrate the freedoms we have been so graciously given and unite as one country.


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