Second Annual Dance Marathon Surpasses Fundraising Goal


St. Norbert College held it’s second annual Dance Marathon on Saturday, Oct. 25, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:06 p.m. in Schuldes Sports Center.

Dance Marathon is 13.1 hours of straight dancing and standing with no caffeine. All of the proceeds benefit the Children’s Miracle Network, specifically the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

At the event there were 14 miracle families who shared their stories and participated in the day’s activities.

“That is the most unique thing about Dance Marathon. You get to see where the money goes,” said Mary Sobczak ’17, a Dance Marathon committee member.

This year Dance Marathon’s goal was to raise $30,000. They ended up surpassing their goal by raising $34,645.02. This was a 62% increase from the money raised last year, which was $21,372.01.

To reach this goal, a yearlong fundraiser took place, continuing throughout the Dance Marathon day itself. At the end of the event there was a “big reveal” in which the final fundraising amount was announced.

Walking into the event and entering the gym at Schuldes Sports Center, one could see all of the dancers wearing two wristbands. The wristbands represented the dancers carrying the weight of all of the things the kids in hospitals have to go through.

The Dance Marathon participants wore two wristbands so they could cut off one of them and leave the second on as a challenge for the dancers to carry strength and the courage of the kids with them.

“The wristbands served as a symbol of courage and strength that the kids have for the dancers to look at while they are dancing and remember why they started dancing for 13.1 hours,” said Nicole Haupert ‘15, one of the Dance Marathon co-presidents.

“My favorite part had to be the morale dance when everyone danced together as one unit. Seeing everyone being so energized and pumped up even eight hours into the day was cool, “ said Ryan Engesser ’15, another Dance Marathon co-president.

Dance Marathon is a great opportunity for students to attend because it is one of the only events on campus where the people being helped are also in attendance, participating, sharing their stories and giving thanks.

For more information on Dance Marathon, email the Dance Marathon committee at


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