The Junk Drawer: Top 5 Ways “Star Wars Battlefront” Trumps Its Sequel


This past Sept. was the 10-year anniversary of the classic game “Star Wars: Battlefront.” The year after it was released, the game was followed by its sequel, “Star Wars: Battlefront II.” And next year, EA will be releasing the next installment in the “Battlefront” series. While “Battlefront II” is arguably the best games in the series and with hopes so high for the new game, it is nice to take time to reflect on the game that started it all. So, to celebrate 10 years, here is a list of five things I think the original game does better than its sequel.

5. Indigenous Species

In the original game, not only do you have to fight against your enemy, but on     some maps you have to fight against the indigenous species as well. Not only can they attack you and your troops, but they can capture command posts as well, and potentially win the battle.

4. Rhen Var and Orbital Sensors

Rhen Var is a planet not in any of the movies or the sequel, and it’s maps are easily the best in the game. And by conquering the planet, you unlock the ability to have orbital sensors, which makes you invisible on the enemy’s radar, giving you the element of surprise.

3. The Maps

This game features maps like Tatooine’s Dune Sea and Yavin 4’s Arena, in addition to a better overall Geonosis map.

2. Conquest of a Planet

The original game requires you to conquer two maps on a planet in order to conquer it. This is a more realistic approach then the second game; however, the original game does have considerably less planets than it’s sequel.

1. The Ability to Destroy Planets

What’s more to say? After four wins as either the Empire or the CIS, you can choose an enemy planet to destroy. What could be better than that?


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