Athlete Spotlight: Zach Broberg


Sport: Football

Major: Business Administration and Economics

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Position: Running Back

High School Alma Mater: Bay Port High School

Favorite phone app: Snapchat

Greatest inspiration: My mom and dad

Favorite Music Artist: Garth Brooks

Special Talent: Fantasy NASCAR

If I Could Trade Places with Anyone for a Day, it Would be with: Pat Burke ’15, I just want to know what it’s like to be tall for a day.

Favorite Childhood Team: Green Bay Packers

My hero: Tim Tebow

Favorite Movie: The Other Guys, it’s extremely underrated

Country I’d love to visit: Australia, to visit my best friend Megan McGoohan’16, of course

Favorite SNC Football Moment: This year, we were down 27-6 against Illinois College in the fourth quarter and came back to win 32-27.

Life Motto: Life’s a garden, dig it

Dream City I’d love to Live in: Nashville, TN

Pregame Music: Anything on 93.5 The Duke FM


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