Slutty Pizza: Selling Sex for Halloween


The mere fact that you may have chosen to read this article based on the fact that the word “sex” is in the title demonstrates how well sex sells anything and everything. Sex is everywhere.

We are bombarded with sex driven advertisements on T.V. and on websites; yet we are so desensitized we do not even realize how much sex is in our lives everyday..

Some commercials are getting creepy when they use sex. The new Old Spice ads show a robotic man draped with sexy women. Towards the end of the commercial, the man short-circuits yet these women still are attracted to him, because of the Old Spice body spray. I don’t want to say this is extremely unrealistic and disgusting, but I also don’t want to lie about how much I hate this ad.

Not only are the women seen as idiots but they also sell their sexuality for a robot. How does this even tell me anything about the product? A robot can attract women so then anyone can if they wear this product? Do I want to smell like a robot? Probably not.

Obviously, I know why they advertise the way they do. People are paid millions of dollars every year to dissect how Americans purchase and what they are most attracted to in order to get them to spend their money on a certain product. This is America, I get it. My life is basically owned by McDonalds. I understand advertising but it does not mean I approve of the advertisements.

A perfect example of the effects of this sexual culture, granted quite obvious, is women’s Halloween costumes. The amount of time in the past month I have seen ads for a “sexy” costume is astounding. And the kinds of costumes: who wants to be a sexy piece of pizza? If I were dressing up as a piece of pizza I would be in sweats with a pizza box taped to my chest. This is college, I do not have $70 to pay for a yard of fabric that is supposed to cover my entire body or rather not cover any of my body.

Who am I even dressing up for? The men who will objectify me whether I wear a slutty Halloween costume or not? Not my kind of people.

This isn’t a one sided problem either; men are objectified and sold for advertisements just as well as women. The amount of Calvin Klein ads where men are nearly naked is astounding. Granted, they are selling underwear, but do I really need to see it on someone? I’m not buying a simple pair of underwear; I would be buying the entire package (pun intended).

I have seen ads where a woman is completely naked except for a watch, the product? The watch. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but if I need to know the time I’m normally wearing clothes. If I’m naked, the time is probably not my first priority.

I get frustrated how much sex has become a part of our everyday lives and how sexualized everything has become. I want a sandwich, not to see someone strip while they lick a hamburger patty. Just tell me about the deliciousness of the sandwich; that is good enough. I want a sandwich, not a strip show. Stop trying to sell me something that I do not want.


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