Becoming Dr. Zoidberg


            Disclaimer: This article comes a few weeks after the conclusion of the Homecoming festivities, but the information included is relevant and I feel that I needed to get this out there, so here we go.

Homecoming: noun; a period of six days where Greek and social groups engage in healthy competition in the spirit of communio and celebrating SNC alumni. Scream Your Theme, Skits and Airbands are only a few of the events that take place. This week is a time for alumni to return to the college and witness how things have changed or stayed the same, as well as to connect with current students and alumni.

On October 13, an anonymous individual posted the following on the SNC Confessions page: “scream your theme was the lamest thing i ever seen in my life.” To that person: I was in your shoes and I understand where you are coming from. Before joining the social group No Nonsense in the spring of my junior year, I held the same opinions as I imagine many students on this campusdo that are not involved in Greek or social life. The stereotypes against Greek and social groups is that we segregate ourselves from others while partying and getting drunk, but those stigmatizations are severely wrong.

What I think that this individual and many others fail to realize is how important these events are to Greek and social life. We spend the weeks leading up to those particular events generating ideas and creating costumes and props. In fact when I found out that our Airbands was going to be a Futrama theme I immediately began planning a Dr. Zoidberg costume… six months in advance. I put my heart and soul into each one of those homecoming events, delicately crafting my costume and practicing countless hours in an attempt to perfect our dance. I know I was not the only one. You may have found our performances unamusing or uninteresting, but for those of us who worked so hard on these events, we find them extremely rewarding and highly entertaining. Not only is it a way to strut our stuff for the other groups, it is a bonding experience like no other. The girls of No Nonsense—past, present and future—are and always will be my second family. No matter what life will throw your way, your Greek or social group will be there for you.

Please show some respect for those of us who participate in these events, because the students and staff who attend them only witness the final product. We aren’t perfect and things go wrong. Heck, I fell down during our Scream Your Theme event, which was more than a little embarrassing.

I not only speak for myself but all of Greek and social life when I say that we encourage students and staff to attend not only the events during homecoming week but also other activities that these groups may host that are open to the college community.


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