Risk It All


This is college. Time to: try new things, experience new adventures, meet a diverse group of people. Most of us have to break through our comfort zone in order to survive college. But after we get here, meet our group of friends, join the clubs we want to join, do we actually take many other risks?

I think there are two kinds of people: the person that wants to jump out of a plane, ride roller coasters and get as close to death as possible without actually dying, and people who’s largest risk is turning a paper in unstapled. There are not many people in between.

Now is the time to take risks. College is a time to experience the things you would not be able to experience anywhere else. Yes, this is college and first priority should be studies, but this is a limited engagement and the clock starts ticking the moment we step onto campus for orientation.

Four years to experience all that college has to offer is not a long time in comparison to the rest of your life. Everyone’s version of risk is different but no matter what, everyone should go outside of his or her comfort zone as frequently as possible. There is so much to learn when you change up your schedule, talk to new people and say “yes” to things you normally would not accept.

For those that do take frequent risks, this isn’t an article to say take your risks further. I don’t want people thinking, “Hey, I’ve never tried cocaine before, that would be a risk.” Not what I am saying at all (and please do NOT do cocaine.) Rather, this is the time to figure out who you are—not to become a drug addict.

To those of you who are simply here to study and get a good grade, open your eyes, open your door and let the new experiences come in. If you are thinking that you can always do something later, when is later? Soon enough you will be in your cap and gown receiving your diploma.

Life is handing us all risks: new friendships, relationships, job offers, internships—the list is endless. Many say no, walk away and stick to the same pattern of experiences, situations and friendships. We are all comfortable. We have our entire lives to be comfortable. Life is waiting, so risk it all (but once again, please do not do cocaine or other lethal activities.)


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