A New Year, A New Phi Kappa Phi Chapter


St. Norbert College has been honored to receive a place in one of the earliest and most prestigious honor society chapters, Phi Kappa Phi. The induction of its first members will be announced on Wednesday, March 25, and take place in the Walter Theatre. The event will be hosted by Dean of the College and Academic Vice President Dr. Jeff Frick, who is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi.

The college is delighted to be one of 300 other college and university members ranging from North America to the Philippines.

“Phi Kappa Phi’s decision to approve St. Norbert College’s application was an important validation of the extraordinary academic experience that this college has been providing for many years,” said President Thomas Kunkel.

This honor society celebrates the hard working efforts of juniors and seniors who have achieved high academic success during their time here at St. Norbert College.

“We select the top 10 percent of seniors and top 7.5 percent of juniors from the following groups: students in the humanities, students in the fine arts, students from the teacher education program, students from business and economics, students from the natural sciences and students from the social sciences,” said Professor Charles Jacobs, a coordinator with the Registrar’s Office.

Furthermore, the Phi Kappa Phi chapter is also qualifying alumni within the top 10 percent of graduate degrees since 2010.

“Phi Kappa Phi is an ideal honor society for St. Norbert College because it accepts members students, faculty and staff in the liberal arts, as well as professional programs. Therefore, membership is available to people from all of our academic programs,” said Dr. Frick.

Each year, Phi Kappa Phi is made up of 32,000 students, faculty, professional staff and alumni. It was founded by the University of Maine in 1897.

“By extending membership to students of excellence in all academic disciplines, Phi Kappa Phi distinguished itself from other honor societies of the time. Their motto, Philosophìa Krateìto Photôn, translates to ‘Let the love of learning rule humanity,’” said Dr. Sarah Parks, President of Phi Kappa Phi.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014, marked the day that St. Norbert College officially became the 327th chapter of Phi Kappa Phi after confirmation from the Board of Directors. The students that have been chosen for this selective chapter were informed by invitation only starting on Monday, Jan. 26, 2015.

The ceremony taking place in March will consist of 46 St. Norbert College 2010 graduates, 36 current juniors and 53 current seniors.

“Recognition by this prestigious honor society helps get out the word that something really special is happening at St. Norbert College,” said President Kunkel.


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