Back to School: Spring 2015


And just like that, winter break was over. Gone are the days of binge-watching Netflix and spending time in your non-twin extra-long bed and back are the days of dorm rooms and classes. It might be hard setting that alarm for early morning classes again, but look at it this way: you’re finally back in the good ol’ Norbs Nation.

With all the sleep you hopefully caught up on over break, now is the time to start creating a schedule to stick to for the semester. Set up specific times for eating, studying, extracurricular activities and free time, so you don’t fall behind on your work. Setting up a timetable you can abide by is a great way to make the semester less stressful and better overall.

Another good idea to try out this semester is going through your syllabi and highlighting or marking important test and project dates. By doing this, you will know ahead of time when heavily-weighted assignments are due. Although you might not start projects quite this early, the dates will be in the back of your mind and will help you prepare for the class.

There are more exciting things going on campus this semester as well! Many guest speakers will be attending campus this spring, particularly the much-talked about bell hooks and Gloria Steinem conferences taking place over the week of April 21st. Another great event is St. Norbert College’s Career and Internship fair, occurring on February 17th, from 3–5 pm in the Michels Ballroom. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your networking circle and meet with potential employers.

The new semester is also a great time to look into new groups on campus, whether they be service organizations or Greek/social life. There are several spring intramural sports to play, such as basketball and volleyball, too. We also have quite a few fitness programs taking place right on campus in the Campus Center and Todd Wehr Hall.

Not only does the Campus Center host the intramural sports teams, but they are also welcoming several comedians, bands and hypnotists that will be coming to campus starting February 13th. These events are typically free to attend and are always a good time—the hypnotist usually draws quite a large crowd to his performance.

Even Ruth’s Marketplace has changed for the new semester. It seems that Calvin has been slaving away over our winter break, because now we have almost an entire new menu of food from which to choose. Everything from new salads to grill options has been added to the Ruth’s meal cycle, providing something new to try and to change the usual options up a bit (don’t worry, the Potato Bowl is still the same recipe we dearly know and love).

All in all, classes might be hard and the cold mornings even harder, but it’s great to be back home. Rain or shine (or snow and sleet), St. Norbert College is here to welcome you back to the semester with open arms.


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