Bush Art Center: Art Faculty Exhibition


Opening on Jan. 26 and continuing until March 25, the Art Faculty Exhibition will be held in the Baer Gallery of the Bush Art Center. The gallery will be open to both students and faculty from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with free admission. The exhibition features fantastically interesting art contributions from SNC’s talented art faculty, including Katie Ries, Brandon Bauer, Brian Pirman, Fr. James Neilson, John Gordon, Debbie Kupinsky and Shan Bryan-Hanson.

One highlight from the gallery was Reiss’ ink-paper piece entitled “in the house made of red worms,” which is taken after a line from the Navajo Night Chant. This art contribution depicts the inside of a house with a compacted group of worms buried beneath the floorboards, which is meant to convey the idea of land stewardship. The drawing was inspired by the artist’s experience preserving worm compost through the unforgiving Wisconsin winters.

Another unique addition to the gallery is the portfolio-esque “Euromissiles Crisis” by Bauer, a series of historical images with descriptions mixed in using stenciled symbols. For those not familiar, the Euromissile Crisis was a decade-long diplomatic battle over the installation of U.S. cruise missiles in Europe as a counterbalance to the threat posed by the Soviet deployment of nuclear missiles, leading to the nuclear abolition movement and the end of the Cold War.

“The portfolio of works references cultural, political and activist events of the era,” Bauer commented. “It serves as an allegory of citizen involvement, as well as the power of everyday people within the political process.”

As a grand demonstration that ANYTHING can be turned into art, Neilson’s “Odd Prime Number” utilizes trashy plastic scraps to make a long and lean tower that is inspired by the works of Alberto Giacometti. Neilson even turned a bunch of old VHS tapes into a Lego-style tower, which had the humorously straightforward title “Too ubiquitous to be valuable . . . not nearly old enough to be interesting.”


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