Kaminski Brings It On


Lexy Kaminski ’17, from Wauconda, Illinois is a cheerleader for St. Norbert College and The Green Bay Packers. Kaminski was approached by SNC Admissions to do a series of videos to promote St. Norbert to Catholic high school students to the northern suburbs of Chicago. Kaminski, a bubbly blonde was thrilled to help the college out, but was shocked when her video series gained national attention when posted on Yahoo Sports. Kaminski received over three hundred negative comments on the video because she said she is a Chicago Bears fan, but still loves Green Bay and everything this town has to offer.

What was your reaction when you saw your video on Yahoo Sports?

When I found out, I was actually at work, once I got off of work I had many missed calls and texts. They were all telling me about the video and I had no idea what they were talking about, until I saw it for myself. I was really surprised, because this video was really meant for St. Norbert Admissions, about my perspective of being a student from the northern suburbs of Chicago. This was definitely something I did not expect to happen.

Were you excited when you found out your article gained national attention?

I definitely thought it was very neat and something really good for St. Norbert Admissions because more people were going to see the video on Yahoo Sports. I was more surprised than anything.

Were you surprised by some of the comments on the Yahoo Sports Video?

I was extremely surprised by a lot of the feedback that was given and comments from people. It was not something I expected to gain from doing this. There are always pros and cons on something that is out in the public.

People were commenting telling you to kill yourself and calling you stupid because you’re a Chicago Bears fan. How did you handle that?

I actually didn’t even know there were comments until a few days later. I was definitely shocked by some of the things people were saying about me. When it comes to that kind of thing you have to take it with a grain of salt. I didn’t take it as personally as some people might have.

Do you regret saying in the video that you are a Chicago Bears Fan?

I was very honest with the questions that were being asked in the video. The video was for St. Norbert College; it took another life form when it went on Yahoo Sports. That is when things got a little bit crazy. I was very honest, I am from Chicago and I have lived there the past 5 years. I have always been a fan of all Chicago teams. I have nothing against Green Bay and I take a lot of pride in being apart of this school, and the experiences that I have had here. I feel like I represented myself and my team to the best of my abilities. I do not regret anything I said.”

Kaminski continues to love cheerleading and St. Norbert. Kaminski has moved on from all of her negative comments from the video and continues to be a Chicago Bears fan. If you would like to watch the video that started all the controversy you can find it on St. Norbert Colleges YouTube page.


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