To Eat or Not to Eat: There is No Question


Whether they are serving the potato bowl, Chef Dan’s Chili or the ever-famous turkey shawarma, Ruth’s Marketplace in Michels Commons draws several hundred visitors on any given day. For all of the delicious food that gets prepared in the kitchen, it is no surprise that the cafeteria staff is finally getting some much needed recognition.

According to a recent list compiled by Cappex, St. Norbert College has been ranked 15th in dining experience in comparison with over 2,000 colleges throughout the country. The rankings were compiled from reviews of over 1.4 million students nationwide and SNC came in well ahead of the pack.

The school’s high ranking can be attributed to the ten extremely talented chefs, as well as the high-quality ingredients used in every meal prepared in the cafeteria. Many of these ingredients even come fresh from the SNC garden, weather permitting, that is.

Not only was SNC ranked in the top 25 of the Cappex rankings, but the college was also ranked 64th on Niche, a site similar to Cappex that compiles the reviews of students to develop rankings for several aspects of college life. Niche ranked SNC well-ahead of most of the 1,175 colleges that were considered for the rankings.

Melissa DaPra, the manager of Ruth’s Marketplace, had this to say: “Our process starts with research and development for new food trends, menu writing and recipe development usually a year before that menu is served. We also look at responses from our Customer Service Survey, which we just had this past fall, to shape the menu with student feedback. In addition, we are very recipe-based, making homemade soups, stocks, sauces and hand-cutting vegetables and fruits in lieu of purchasing pre-packaged products. Lastly, we review each menu each week to close the loop with customer satisfaction.”

With everything that is served in the cafeteria, it is no wonder that SNC is ranked highly in not only one but two independent rankings. There have been several new additions to the menu this semester and the future is looking bright for SNC Dining.


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