Green Initiative Fund Supports Campus Updates


Students may have noticed some of the recent upgrades the college has been making from walking around campus and visiting different buildings. The new Gehl-Mulva Science Center is finally nearing its completion, and inside that building, as well as several others on campus, resides a new perk for St. Norbert students.

The new water bottle refilling stations that can be seen on several water fountains on campus are the result of the perseverance of the Environmental Club and the Green Initiative Fund.

The Green Initiative Fund (GIF), aside from being visible on everyone’s tuition bills, is making a great deal of headway on campus.

Fifteen dollars are added to each student’s tuition bill, $7.50 per semester, and that money is being used to upgrade the campus to make it less environmentally hostile. The fund collects approximately $30,000 per year.

The GIF is a proposal-based system that gives students the power to petition for things they would like to see on campus using the money that is received from each student’s mandatory contribution.

Students can fill out a proposal form by going to and explaining what they would like to see done with the money that has been collected. The proposal will then go to a review board where the cost of the proposal will be estimated, which will then be reviewed a final time by the Environmental Sustainability Committee.

Student proposals are due by Feb. 25, and they will be reviewed in March. The proposals that pass will be funded later in the year and implemented next fall.


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