Hey, Kanye… Shut Up.


If Kanye West doesn’t have his own vineyard by this point in time, I’d think it’s about time he got on the train. Kanye’s Winery: can’t you just see it? Speaking of Kanye’s whine, the fiasco at the 2015 Grammy’s was something special, wasn’t it? A once-a-year celebration to showcase some of the best popular musicians in the world today with live performances, awards and several clever quips from the show’s numerous presenters and hosts.

Altogether, it should be a good time. It should be a time for everyone involved in music, from the artists to their (sometimes several) producers to the fans, to appreciate all the different genres of popular music and to endorse the artistry that is music. And then you have people like Kanye West.

In case you haven’t heard, Kanye went on yet another childish tirade about the Grammy’s because one of his friends didn’t win Album of the Year. Beyoncé worship is another story, one that I won’t get into at the moment, but I haven’t heard her album and I don’t know whether it’s worthy of Album of the Year consideration. One thing that I do know, however, is that Kanye West could do all of us a huge favor and shut the hell up.

The Album of the Year award went to Beck for his album, Morning Phase, which is now a fantastic, wonderful piece of popular music history. Am I biased? Absolutely. I love Beck’s music and my iTunes library can attest to that. I have 15 albums’ worth of Beck. 207 songs. Almost 12 hours’ worth of Beck. In my opinion, Morning Phase did deserve to win album of the year and Beck, along with Taylor Swift, did not deserve to have a major moment in their lives interrupted by the childish ramblings of a 37 year-old infant.

But maybe that’s the problem. Not everyone listens to Beyoncé, or Kanye, or Beck. There is more than one genre in popular music, regardless of what KISS FM would lead you to believe. Hip-hop is only a part of what makes music great and a small part, at that. The folkish styling of Beck is no longer more than a blip on the popular charts anymore. Rock has all but completely disappeared from mainstream music and the only thing that remains is watered-down, beat-driven hip-hop with no more substance than a glass of water.

Kanye is one of the very few hip-hop artists whose music I can listen to without wanting to vomit. He’s a lyrical genius with a penchant for being a complete pilgarlic and, because of this, over time, I’ve come to like him less and less. Would it matter to him? Of course not. With all the money he’s rolling in, he probably has dimes stuck in his ears, which may also be why he can’t hear how much of an ass he is.

Maybe awards shows are bad for artistry. In fact, they are. There is no “maybe.” When you take something that’s supposed to be creative and fun and turn it into a competition to see who can win Album of the Year, you take away from what makes music something so worthy of our adoration to begin with: personalization, creativity and fun.

It isn’t Beck who is disrespecting artistry by accepting his award, it’s the institution and it’s Kanye. If people can’t accept that there’s only one Album of the Year and that it may not be one of the most overrated women in popular music, then why do we have it?

Beck may be too respectful to say it, but I will. I respect Kanye for his music, but for his personality, all I can ask is for him to shut the hell up.


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