Left is Right


For me, the most memorable moment from the 2015 Super Bowl was Left Shark. The actual football game according to me, a Packer fan, was of little to no importance. I watched for the commercials and the halftime show.

I was blown away. Not only was the half time show strange, it also had a weird humor to it. Left Shark was a large part of that humor. Left Shark was a dancer behind Katy Perry who forgot half the moves to his dance and just free-styled for certain chunks of the song. He is the shark to the left, thus the Internet has branded him Left Shark (never lacking in creativity, the Internet).

One Google or YouTube search will show you Left Shark in all his glory. Pictures, tweets, video clips—there is a plethora of information on this one shark character from the Super Bowl. Originally I thought it was ridiculous, but as I watched the video for the fifth or tenth time, I could not help but laugh; it’s a shark character who forgot his dance moves at the HALFTIME show of the SUPER BOWL.

This whole Left Shark business really proves how easily something can spread on the Internet or rather “go viral.” Right after the Super Bowl, there was some talk of the actual winning team but I saw much more about the Left Shark.

No person is safe from going viral, turning into a meme or becoming the next Internet sensation. Another example of this instantaneous celebrity status is the guy who helped present Apple’s new products. This was a conference in which they introduced the Apple watch and the biggest thing the Internet took from the conference was ‘Purple Scarf Guy.’

All this guy did to obtain celebrity status was to wear a purple scarf. Let me repeat that: all he did to receive national Internet fame was wear a purple scarf. This guy may be a genius engineer and/or a wonderful businessman, but he will probably be most well known by the nation as the guy who wore the purple scarf at that Apple conference.

Quickly after the Apple Conference, the Purple Scarf Guy parody Twitter accounts were created. Multiple parody Twitter accounts were created because of a purple scarf.

I do not understand the rhyme or reason behind how or why these random people, animals and things get blown out of proportion. If the Internet sensation isn’t making fun of any one person or group, I can see and appreciate the humor. I enjoy the memes, the parodies, et cetera because of the ridiculousness of the entire situation. And maybe that’s why these things catch on so easily.

There seems to be solely depressing news being broadcasted, so when these random ridiculous pieces of our culture pop onto our daily news, it’s almost refreshing. A nice quick tidbit about a shark character that forgot his moves but still rocked out during the halftime show of the Super Bowl. We can all appreciate the light-heartedness: no one got hurt, no one was extremely disappointed, there was just a shark and his love of dance.

I am not sure if I can say this is a negative phenomenon of this generation or rather just a demonstration of the power the Internet has in our society. If you make one mistake online or in the public eye and it begins to catch on, good luck having that ever disappear from the Internet. Your great-grandchildren will probably be able to look at your Internet humiliation someday.

I say enjoy these ridiculous Internet sensations because, in most cases, they are comical and will at least provide a chuckle. They will eventually fade when the next sensation or meme hits the Internet, but for now I am going to enjoy all the shark memes, products and cards that are being created because of Left Shark. Life is too short to not enjoy all that Left Shark and his lack of dance moves have to offer.


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